How We Clean

Turn to our professional cleaners in Belton, MO

Welcome to Buzz Clean Luxury Cleaning Service. We are so excited to have you! Please, if you dare, enter our world where a luxury clean and spa-like-feel is just a phone call away. Allow us to bring your mind at ease and feel at peace within your home. Let us transform your space while you are away to a get-away destination to make you feel like you love coming home! We are here to help in any way we can just let us know what we can do for you…


We are a cleaning and home ambiance service. We do not help you get to your baseline – we help you keep your baseline. And we do that not only by cleaning and with a smile but with a special gift at the end tailored for you. We want you to not only be happy, but surprised and feel VIP.


We also take very good care in being detailed and understanding that whether its an apartment, home, or office this is your sacred space. We are health conscious and disinfect all surface touch areas starting at Level I to Level III and make sure to never have your home smelling like chemicals. We use only Eco-friendly certified products that kill bacteria, germs and viruses. We are environmentally conscious and make sure that whatever products we use - they are as well. We bring all of our own products and supplies every time.


We have designed a very customized way for you select what type of clean you would like by using three different categories. Lux Level I, II, III. Each of these levels gives you a summary of what we do during that clean – along with a special surprise at the end – a gift tailored just for you. Instead of you thank us – we want to say thank you for being the amazing person that you are. We want you to feel relaxed and excited to see us every time we come around. This personalization and customization helps us do that for you. So you can have peace of mind every time.

  • Level I Package Learn More
  • Level II is Level I package plus additional cleaning that we do. Learn More
  • Level III is Level I & II plus additional cleaning that we add to this supreme package. Learn More
  • Please see our ‘Additional Services’ Page for additional things you can add to these cleaning packages. Learn More

With that being said, here are some things we do not do;


 Buzz Clean Services is not a HAZMAT cleaning service nor a deep cleaning service.

 Here is what we do not service:

  1.  Human and/or animal bodily fluids
  2.  Severe bouts of mold
  3.  1 ½ to 2 inch layer of dust
  4.  A home that hasn’t been cleaned in a year or more.
  5.  Human or animal 1 ½ inch thick hair
  6.  Food stuck on walls that is outside of the kitchen
  7.  Extreme staining on carpets and/or upholstery that have been left to sit for more than 2 days
  8.  Toys


 We are more than happy to refer you to one or more of our partner companies who will be happy to assist you if you are in need of any of these services.


 Thank you for choosing us to clean your home! We look forward to delivering you a boutique, luxury clean!