Revitalize the Appearance of Your Home

Get residential deep cleaning services in Belton, MO

Want us to give your home a more thorough cleaning than what's offered in our Level I and Level II packages? Go with our Level III package. Buzz Clean provides expert residential cleaning services in Belton, MO. Within three to four hours, we'll clean every room in your house using eco-friendly products. You'll love the way your home looks once we're done.

You can also count on us to clean all the baseboards in your home. Arrange for residential cleaning services today.

Say goodbye to stains on your appliances

Our kitchen appliance cleaning services include:

  • Ovens - we'll wipe away built-up grime and food debris to prevent potential fires
  • Microwaves - we'll get rid of the food stains in your microwave to make it look brand new
  • Stovetops - we'll wipe away grease that sticks to your stovetop after you cook a meal

Upon request, We also clean the inside of the ovens, microwaves and refrigerators/freezers, ceiling fans/vents.

Schedule kitchen appliance cleaning services by calling us at 913-938-3011 now.

Honey Comb Home

The Level III cleaning package allows the opportunity for you to select a Honey Comb Home product for your cleans. At this level, we offer the ultimate package, with any or all of the following available:
Comfort Care, Pick-Me-Up, & Unwind.

Honey Comb Home is all about what you want to experience as you enter your home... What are your favorite colors, smells, sights, what puts a smile on your face? If you could bring a getaway destination feeling inside your home - what would it be? That's Honey Comb Home.

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